From Jigten Sumgön’s “Cintamani Shastra”

Overall, if one merges Dharma and mind
and moisturizes one’s mental continuum with love and compassion,
what appears is an appearance of one’s own [mind].
Thereby, even the river of hot ashes “Unfordable One”
will be the elixir of the [heavenly] river “Gently Flowing”.


Note the irregular pattern of light and heavy syllables typical for Jigten Sumgöns poetry:
̮ ̱ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮
̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮
̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮
̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮
̮ ̱ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮ ̱ ̮

Thanks to Sonam Spitz we were able to improve the translation: The river Vaitarani, which consists of hot ash and caustic liquid and, therefore, cannot be forded because one’s flesh falls off one’s bones when one enters it, is really the heavenly Ganga-river “Mandakini”. These are also mentioned in Shantideva’s Bodhicaryavatara (10.10, trl. Vesna and Alan Wallace):

By the power of my virtue, may those whose flesh has com-
pletely fallen off, whose skeletons are of the color of a white
jasmine flower, and who are immersed in the river Vaitarani
whose water is like fire, attain celestial bodies and dwell
with goddesses by the river Mandakini.

In the Bodhicaryavatara you pray that those who are tormented by the one may obtain the other (by birth in a heavenly realm). Jigten Sumgön explains that if you train the mind, the one IS the other — that is the power of practice!

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